About Chris Bannon

Chris Bannon is a corny dad. He is a Certified Internet Webmaster and a purveyor of fine scripts. Chris is a both-end developer from JavaScript to C#. He is also a part-time grinder for the Pittsburgh Pharaohs hockey team.

If you want to find Chris online, check out I am Banzor.


Chris Bannon is currently the Global Product Manager of Wijmo at GrapeCity, Inc. He started working on at ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, in 2007 as their Lead Web Developer. After rebuilding ComponentOne’s entire web stack, he moved to product management to create a web product of his own: Wijmo. Wijmo is now a multi-million dollar developer tool and is used by fortune 500 Companies like Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and Wells Fargo.

Previously, Chris Bannon led the Web Design and Development team at a government contracting company called KIT Solutions. He worked there for five years and created a front end framework used across many state and federal government applications.

Interesting Offers Considered

Chris is happily employed and keeps very busy outside of work with his family. However, he is always open to considering interesting offers such as:

  1. Part-time consulting projects (moonlighting hours) that are willing to pay for high quality front end development. Part-time product consulting will also be considered.
  2. Interesting full-time positions that are willing to pay for high quality front end development. Only very interesting offers with significant pay will be entertained.

If you have a project or position that you think fits this criteria, email bannzor@gmail.com with details.

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