Bring Back Click Sounds When Navigating Websites

Listen up, I have some beef with “modern” browsers. Some claim they are ruining the web, but I am just mad that Internet Explorer stopped making a click sound when navigating websites aka clicking HyperLinks.

Have you browser developers ever watched your parents use the worldwide web? Do you have any idea how many times people click the same dang link while impatiently waiting for something to happen. They literally don’t know anything is happening because you neglected to play a cool sound when the browser is navigating. Shoutout to the oldIE team because you implemented this in Internet Explorer, but removed it in IE9 so…

Anyways, browser vendors obviously aren’t concerned with cool sounds or helping prevent people from clicking links 30 times before realizing something is happening. So its up to us, the word wideweb developers to take things back into our hands.

I would like to now reveal my solution. Introducing, Kool Clicks™, bringing the classic Windows navigation sound back to the browser.

Kool Clicks is a simple JScript that uses HTML5 Audio (thanks modern browsers I guess) to play the classic oldIE click sound whenever any hyper-Link is clicked on the entire web page.

Kool Clicks is intelligently programmed to only make sounds in IE9+ and other “modern” browsers. In browsers that have native click sounds, Kool Clicks just sits back and enjoys the sounds. No need to duplicate perfection.

Obviously Kool Clicks has no options. It isn’t some hippie Jquery plugin that let’s you change whatever you want. It also contains bugs (big woop, you don’t write perfect code). If you want it to make different sounds or whatever then you should write it yourself. Kool Clicks is a way of life and its not for everyone.

Try Kool Clicks for yourself and view the Source-code in this free web page:,output

Update: shoutout to subzey for making some improvements and fixing some bugs. Check out Kool Clicks version 0.0.2

I still hold out hope for the web, but us webmasters have to make it what we want. We can’t rely on browser vendors to literally do everything for us. Sometimes you have to write code to make websites. Sometimes you have to bring back deprecated browser features. Sometimes you have to get weird.

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