Wijmo 5 Beta

I have had a blast working on Wijmo 5 so far and we just went public with the Beta.

This interesting thing about this type of project is that we get to build a new product without any limitations and can apply everything we learned while build Wijmo 3. We have made some bold moves, like creating JS Controls instead of Widgets. And I can say it is the best damn product I’ve ever made.

Another fun thing about this project has been working with Bernardo Castilho, our CTO. Now don’t let the title fool you. This guy write more lines of code than some of our senior programmers. And he has been the mastermind behind Wijmo 5. Bernardo originally wrote the world-famous FlexGrid Control for VB 6 and the rest has been history. So having him bring all of his knowledge and experience to Wijmo has been essential. He can be a tough guy to work with, but the best usually are. And in the end, the product will be better for it. You can watch some more of our story in this video our team threw together.

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