Monthly Archives: October 2010

Theming jQuery UI Like an Aristocrat

Here are the slides from my session at jQuery Conference in Boston. Theming jQuery UI Like an Aristocrat View more presentations from Chris Bannon. Feel free to fork Aristo on github: If you are interested in jQuery UI Widgets, make … Continue reading

jQuery Conference Boston

I have been having an amazing time here at jQcon. We have been working our asses off to get Wijmo ready to launch. Today we showed a demo to the jQuery UI team and a couple of the core devs. … Continue reading

I am Banzor

For those of you wondering who Banzor is, my name is Chris Bannon. I am the Product Manager for Wijmo at┬áComponentOne. When I am not working or using the Web, you can find me with the Fam. Here is where … Continue reading