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My Graphic Art from the 90s

I recently found the first computer art I ever created. At my parent’s house I found print outs of my artwork. I really wish I still had the originals, but these will have to do. These gems were done in … Continue reading

Wijmo 5 Beta

I have had a blast working on Wijmo 5 so far and we just went public with the Beta. This interesting thing about this type of project is that we get to build a new product without any limitations and … Continue reading

Data Visualization in HTML5 Va Fan

I have recently been cited for not knowing what Data Visualization means. While I can not confirm nor deny, I am passionate about the subject. “[Chris Bannon] is someone who is probably an excellent developer… …but someone who does not … Continue reading

Data Visualization in HTML5

Thanks to all who came to my talk “Data Visualization in HTML5 with jQuery & Wijmo” at Silicon Valley Code Camp. Session Abstract HTML5 offers rich new options for data visualization like SVG and Canvas. We will look at the … Continue reading

Ruby Spells jQuery

My 3 year old daughter Ruby spells jQuery. Nuff said. Ruby Spells jQuery from banzor on Vimeo.

Putting the V in MVC

If you haven’t already heard, Wijmo started as an ASP.NET project. When we wanted to completely rebuild our ASP.NET tools, we looked to jQuery UI as our client-side framework. So now that we have Wijmo, it’s time to show you … Continue reading

Building UI with jQuery and Wijmo

We just finished up a Webcast on Wijmo! This session demonstrates how to use jQuery, jQuery UI and Wijmo to build killer User Interfaces. We walk through everything from making a simple Menu to building a dashboard with Charts and … Continue reading

Theming jQuery UI Like an Aristocrat

Here are the slides from my session at jQuery Conference in Boston. Theming jQuery UI Like an Aristocrat View more presentations from Chris Bannon. Feel free to fork Aristo on github: If you are interested in jQuery UI Widgets, make … Continue reading

jQuery Conference Boston

I have been having an amazing time here at jQcon. We have been working our asses off to get Wijmo ready to launch. Today we showed a demo to the jQuery UI team and a couple of the core devs. … Continue reading

I am Banzor

For those of you wondering who Banzor is, my name is Chris Bannon. I am the Product Manager for Wijmo at ComponentOne. When I am not working or using the Web, you can find me with the Fam. Here is where … Continue reading