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Bring Back Click Sounds When Navigating Websites

Listen up, I have some beef with “modern” browsers. Some claim they are ruining the web, but I am just mad that Internet Explorer stopped making a click sound when navigating websites aka clicking HyperLinks. Have you browser developers ever … Continue reading

Object-Oriented Client-Script

We hear so much about Object-Oriented JavaScript, but its all hacks. I have a solution that gives you Classes in JavaScript. Yes, finally, Classes in JavaScript! Just make you’re REAL CLASSES using VBScript, a true OBJECT-ORIENTED coding language. <script type=”text/VBScript”> … Continue reading

Sad Trumbone When Someone Leaves Your Website

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Sad Trumbone When Someone Leaves Your Website This cutting edge HTML5 Audio technique can be easily achieved. Simply add an audio element to your page. <audio id=”sad” src=”″></audio> Then bind the onbeforeunload event … Continue reading