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Chris Bannon is a Corny Dad. He is a Certified Internet Webmaster and a purveyor of Fine Scripts. Chris is a Both-end Developer from JS to C#. And a Grinder for the Pittsburgh Pharaohs hockey team.

Bring Back Click Sounds When Navigating Websites

Listen up, I have some beef with “modern” browsers. Some claim they are ruining the web, but I am just mad that Internet Explorer stopped making a click sound when navigating websites aka clicking HyperLinks. Have you browser developers ever … Continue reading

My Graphic Art from the 90s

I recently found the first computer art I ever created. At my parent’s house I found print outs of my artwork. I really wish I still had the originals, but these will have to do. These gems were done in … Continue reading

Wijmo 5 Beta

I have had a blast working on Wijmo 5 so far and we just went public with the Beta. This interesting thing about this type of project is that we get to build a new product without any limitations and … Continue reading

Data Visualization in HTML5 Va Fan

I have recently been cited for not knowing what Data Visualization means. While I can not confirm nor deny, I am passionate about the subject. “[Chris Bannon] is someone who is probably an excellent developer… …but someone who does not … Continue reading

Lacin’ ‘em up for the MDA 2014

Blue vs White This year, its The Pharaohs vs The Pharaohs as Team White faces off against Team Blue. Pharaohs both old and new will go head-to-head in the ultimate match up of talent and grinding. I am honored to … Continue reading

Object-Oriented Client-Script

We hear so much about Object-Oriented JavaScript, but its all hacks. I have a solution that gives you Classes in JavaScript. Yes, finally, Classes in JavaScript! Just make you’re REAL CLASSES using VBScript, a true OBJECT-ORIENTED coding language. <script type=”text/VBScript”> … Continue reading

Sad Trumbone When Someone Leaves Your Website

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Sad Trumbone When Someone Leaves Your Website This cutting edge HTML5 Audio technique can be easily achieved. Simply add an audio element to your page. <audio id=”sad” src=”″></audio> Then bind the onbeforeunload event … Continue reading

5th Annual Pharaohs Charity Hockey Game

We will be hitting the ice for charity again at the 5th Annual “Lacing em up for the MDA” – Charity Hockey Game! Pittsburgh Pharaohs take on the Pittsburgh Metro F.O.O.L.S. in another charity hockey event. The F.O.O.L.S. team walked … Continue reading

Data Visualization in HTML5

Thanks to all who came to my talk “Data Visualization in HTML5 with jQuery & Wijmo” at Silicon Valley Code Camp. Session Abstract HTML5 offers rich new options for data visualization like SVG and Canvas. We will look at the … Continue reading

Ruby Spells jQuery

My 3 year old daughter Ruby spells jQuery. Nuff said. Ruby Spells jQuery from banzor on Vimeo.